"I'm not silly, I'm Milli...!"

Shy, sometimes awkward (I've been told), blush-y girl, who expresses herself better through writing and is slowly finding her place.

Fully dedicated INC member and choir member for life.
Luminee, Mundane, Shadowhunter -to-be, Directioner, Listener and Storyteller.

I’ll be waiting for you in the future.

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I just died a little inside.

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There was once a flower of plain nature, dull and not showy.
No plants grew near, no honeybees approached, leaving it lonely.
All it had was the sun and the rain to be by its side.
Soon its leaves began to brown as it quietly wept and cried.
Yet before all was lost, a happy honeybee came along and stood by its side.
It collected its pollen and helped relief the flower of its sadness. 
Months passed as the same honeybee came and went to entertain with its dances.
The flower rejoiced, while its petals glowed with color. 
They were good friends and helped one another.
Then, one day, the honeybee’s visits evaporated.
The flower waited and waited and waited…
Weeks flew by, months rushed through.
Loneliness returned as its strength withdrew. 
The honeybee had left and found a new meadow to pollinate. 
The flower slowly wilted away and accepted its fate.
Seasons passed, while the sun and moon had rose and passed.
The bulb that was left, grew and finally attained efflorescence.
Through the suns’ golden rays, its petals glistened with ease .
Because of its delightful blossoming, it caught the eye of many bees.
Through time it healed and glowed anew.
Awaiting a new way of life, good and true.




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I’ve shared individual ones before, but I’m not sure which ones. So here’s a collection of the first 10 Like—>Try—>Why reader’s advisory graphics I’ve made for the library. 

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